Rainy Diaper Days: Stripping Cloth Diapers 11

What do you like to do on dreary, rainy days? Pajama day? Bulk cooking? Reading time perhaps?

Me? Oh I like to spend the day doing laundry – cloth diapers especially! That’s right, I used an exclamation mark at the end of that statement, and totally meant to as well.

In fact, I love all things cloth diaper related. Buying them, washing them, sunning them, folding them – even stripping them. which is coincidentally exactly what I spent yesterday afternoon doing while the boys napped.

I usually strip our diapers in my washing machine using just vinegar and water, although on (very rare) occasions I’ve been known to use a little OxiClean. I strip our fluff (ha!)  monthly to make them last longer. And not only is a clean diaper is more absorbent, it also significantly reduces the chance of diaper rash.

After I strip and wash them, I sun them in front of my window on rainy days and outside on the line every other time. Tip: you don’t need full yellow sun to whiten cloth, an overcast day will work just as well…with or without lemon juice!

The purpose of “stripping” is to remove build up (oils, detergent, mold or mildew) from the diapers, and like I said earlier – it is important in maintaining superior absorption during use.

After washing, stripping and folding them I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. It really is a great stress-buster seeing all those soap bubbles and stains vanish before my eyes!

If you have any questions about urine buildup on cloth diapers, this is for you! Am I the only one who feels this great about cleaning/laundering my cloth diaper stash?

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