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10 Natural Teething Remedies for babies and toddlers

Common Signs of Teething

Red, swollen gums
Excessive drooling
Chewing/Gnawing on fingers or toys
Stuffed nose
Increased fussiness
Increased crying
Disrupted sleep patterns

If you suspect your baby is teething, why not try to alleviate his or her discomfort using natural remedies before reaching for medications like acetaminophen and medicated teething gels? You might be surprised just how well they really work!

Plush rattles, teethers and other soft toys

Your baby will find comfort on chomping down on anything soft. We especially love Miyim’s Organic Plush Teething Duck!

Dampened, chilled washcloths

Wet it and place it in your refrigerator until cold. I store a few in my fridge inside a lidded container so it does not take on any food odors from my fridge. I recommend using organic cotton washcloths, like Bumkins Natural Organic Cotton Washcloths.

Ice cubes, chilled fruits and cold veggies

Mesh feeders will sooth swollen, irritated gums. Fill with crushed ice cubes, pieces of chilled bananas, apple chunks or a stick of celery and let your baby go to town. We use the Baby Safe Feeder.

Wooden teething rings

Ensure you are selecting a wooden teething ring that is both size and weight appropriate for your child. Some are just too heavy or large for young babies to hold up and chew on comfortably. We love Ringley Natural Teething Toys.

Bathe your baby

Bathing your baby in a warm bath provides relaxation, distraction and even fun. Use a drop or two of lavender in the bath water to help soothe your little one before bed. We use organic lavender oil.

Facial Massage

Wash your hands and gently massage your baby’s jaw, cheeks and gums in small circular movements. Make it into a fun game or sing songs to your baby – your baby will tell you when you’ve hit the spot!

Clove Oil

Massage a teeny, tiny amount on your baby’s sore gums to relieve pain. Use clove oil sparingly, too much will likely upset your baby’s tummy.

Amber Teething Necklaces

I swear by them. They help to reduce drooling, inflammation and discomfort. As your baby’s body heat warms up the necklace, the Baltic amber releases succinic acid which has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. Word of caution: they are not meant for chewing on; be sure to select the appropriate length for your child – big necklaces are for adults only! Also ensure your child’s necklace has a plastic breakaway clasp for safety. It is recommenced your child not wear it while unsupervised (sleeping) or while bathing. We love small beaded, dark raw amber necklaces on our boys!

Homeopathic Teething Tablets/Drops

As with natural Baltic amber teething necklaces, some moms swear by them while others just are not convinced they do the trick. Additionally, some parents are uneasy about giving their child homeopathic remedies in general. Popular choices include Hyland’s teething tablets and BOIRON’s Camilia drops.

Teething biscuits

Ensure you are giving your baby natural teething biscuits that dissolve easily. Gnawing on them will produce just the right amount of counter pressure to relieve their sore gums. We love making Nutritious Teething Biscuits from Vicki Lansky’s “Feed Me I’m Yours.”

Final Thoughts

Remember mamas, teething is a natural process that we must all go through. A whole lot of snuggling, understanding and patience will help ease some your little one’s discomfort. This too shall pass :)

16 Responses to "10 Natural Teething Remedies for babies and toddlers"

  • I’m your newest follower (GFC, FB, Twitter) from Follow Me I’m Canadian! So happy to have found your site!


    Jenn Reply:

    Thanks for popping by!


    1 Multi-Testing Mommy said this (August 27, 2011 at 8:26 AM) Reply

  • I totally agree with you about the Amber Teething Necklaces!!

    My little one had a bad reaction to a teething gel I bought from the pharmacy. The only think that worked for him was Amber!

    I got a beautiful Cherry amber teething necklace from http://www.wildsheep.co.uk. They also ship internationally.

    Happy Teething!


    Jenn Reply:

    I’m glad it worked out well for your son! :)


    2 Tera said this (September 1, 2011 at 2:33 PM) Reply

  • my baby loves teething biscuits when she is teething!


    Jenn Reply:

    That’s great! But aren’t they messy?! lol


    Erlinda Reply:

    A little, but that was half the fun for her!


    3 Erlinda said this (September 13, 2011 at 9:57 PM) Reply

  • This is the first time that I have heard of amber teething necklaces but they sound great. Wish I had known about them with my little guy 2-3 years ago. I will definitely keep my eyes open for one for baby #2 coming in November.


    Jenn Reply:

    Congrats on your upcoming arrival – definitely check out those necklaces!


    4 Marion Scharf said this (September 16, 2011 at 12:52 PM) Reply

  • Hi! I love this post about teething, thank you for writing it! I have a daughter who is eight months old and getting her third tooth in!


    Jenn Reply:

    Ooh, how is she holding up?


    5 Tory said this (September 16, 2011 at 6:17 PM) Reply

  • Great Article! I learned alot & will put many into practice. Thanks!


    Jenn Reply:

    Thanks, I’m glad you found it useful!


    6 Lydia Fredin said this (September 17, 2011 at 11:43 PM) Reply

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