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If you’ve been frequenting any parenting/baby boards over the past few years you probably have seen some posts (and a whole lot of opinions) regarding Elimination Communication. If you’re unsure what it entails, it is defined as a toilet learning practice in which a parent/caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant’s need to eliminate.

Some people think it’s “crazy” to be putting their baby on a potty because “real” toilet training can’t be achieved until their bladder is fully developed and the sensations to urinate or eliminate solids are present “around 18months-3years of age.

Well I have news for you. It can be done and I can prove it. My son was using the potty exclusively during the day (omitting nap and bed times) before he was a year old. We are a living example of using timing and signals to begin the potty learning process at an early age, and we successfully had him fully trained by 16 months old.

diaper free

Although early potty learning is a (huge) bonus, it actually wasn’t the primary reason for giving Elimination Communication a try.  It actually all stemmed from a terrible diaper rash he experienced when he was 8 months old.  It was so bad that his skin was blistering and bleeding, and the only thing that gave him any relief was being diaper-free.

Of course going diaper-free at 8 months old was a challenge at the beginning – well, that is until I learned what to look for. After just a day I realized he got really quiet (odd for an active 8 month old) and would squat and grunt before pooping.  And I also noticed he peed religiously right after breakfast, lunch and dinner – and immediately after waking from naps. I was able to take these cues and gauge when he needed to go on the potty, which made it very simple for us to achieve success.

Before I tried Elimination Communication I thought to myself other parts in the world don’t use diapers – at all, so why is it that our culture insists we do.  It was after a lot of research that I began to understand that mothers across the globe practice Elimination Communication successfully out of sheer need.  So that peeked my curiously and the rest is history.

I totally understand how some people are freaked out by it, and truthfully it comes to no surprise as just as many people in our culture are also freaked out by cloth diapers. While I can say that I am thoroughly happy with our choice to EC, I can respect other parenting choices. It is, after all, not the end of the world if you don’t practice EC. Similiarily, it sure as heck isn’t the end of world should you choose to do so, either.

Is the process of Elimination Communication new to you? Would you consider trying it someday?

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9 thoughts on “Elmination Communication (“EC”) #natural #parenting

  • Kelsie Harris

    I have heard of it and I did try it when my son was about 7 months old and again at about 10 months old, but it didn’t work out. I did figure out when he had to go potty, but he just screamed to get off the potty chair, then he peed on the floor. I’d like to try it earlier with my next baby.

  • Sarah @ East9thStreet

    I’ll totally admit this freaks me out..lol! My daughter struggles with #2 on the toilet but has mastered letting me know when she has to pee and essentially does everything herself. I thought she would never be trained but then one day, it clicked. Just as everyone said it would. :)

  • Angela - @mycastleheart

    So interesting! My daughter is just starting to show interest (20 months and pointing at diaper), but she refuses to even try sitting on the potty chair. We’re not forcing it, just making it more a part of our everyday conversation. I’m curious: What are the “signs” for #1 (#2 is pretty obvious)? Short of taking off the diaper and finding out when she has an accident, are there any visual cues I should watch for?

  • Dede

    I have heard of it but didn’t try it with my kids. I was a working mom and unfortunately wasn’t home with them every day to make it consistent. LOVE that pic of the little guy reading the paper on the potty, that is precious.

  • Mirana

    Parents turn to elimination communication for a number of reasons. It’s obviously a more environmentally friendly and cheaper choice than diapers.