Attachment parenting must haves

Having a baby usually means buying a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’, right? Well, that’s what all those big chain stores want you to think, with their fancy-schmancy ‘must-haves baby lists’ that they oh-so-conveniently display throughout their stores. But the truth is that these ‘things’ tend to be more of a hassle (and an expensive one at that) than anything else.  So with Baby Number 3 on his or her way in the next month or so (I’m 33 weeks pregnant), I decided to re-evaluate our inventory and see what we should buy, keep or purge.  In the process of doing so I put together what I consider the easiest natural/attachment parenting must-haves list, ever!  :)


First and foremost, I am a huge breastfeeding advocate!  I really do believe that it is the healthiest (and best designed!) food for babies – and it’s the least expensive, too! Along with nursing may come certain little extras – like a nursing canopy, nipple cream and even a hands-free double electric breastpump. As long as you have breasts that produce milk, you are well on your way, if not there already!


Obviously I am a huge fan of organic clothing. It’s what is closest to my kids, after all! Besides, I really think that natural fibers and dyes make little babies’ skin less irritated, making baby more calm. Plus, organic clothing is just so darn cute!  Just be sure not to get caught up in buying every little outfit you see, instead invest in a few staples that can be mixed and matched. And don’t forget to buy a onesie extender – they are the best for ensuring you are getting your money’s worth out of smaller clothes that are sure to be outgrown after 2 or 3 months!  Bottom line – with toxins in practically everything today, you’ll be glad your baby is wrapped up in something soft, safe and organic!  Speaking of being wrapped up, I highly recommend a few organic swaddle blankets!

Health & Hygiene

You might think that you need a baby tub, but in reality as long as you or your partner can shower or bathe holding a baby, you are all set to go.  Not only are you saving time, money and water, you are also bonding with your baby. When looking at shampoos, body washes, diaper rash creams and body oils for your little one, make sure you are using something non-toxic ; you’d be shocked to know what goes into name-brand products – it’s disgusting!.  If you are unsure whether or not your brand of preference is natural and non-toxic, head over to the Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database and perform a quick search. As for diapers and diapering accessories, I opt for cloth diapers, cloth wipes and a wet bag. All reusable. All gentle on baby’s skin. And of course, too darn cute for words!

Sleeping Quarters

For the first 6 months my husband and I co-slept with our children at night and they primarily napped on us while in our slings and soft structured baby carriers during the day.  No big, bulky crib was needed until they left our room at 6 months, at which point that big, bulky crib was a necessity. That gives any attachment parent plenty of time to save up for said crib ;)  On a side note, we bought a convertible wooden baby crib 5 years ago that both of our children have used as a crib and as a toddler daybed. Once the new baby outgrows the daybed configuration it will then be converted into a double bed.  Lifetime cribs are the best!


Tons of hugs and kisses, snuggles and cuddles are mandatory! Natural wooden toys, organic teething rings and stimulating toys come second :)

 Baby Gear

Thanks to baby wraps, slings and soft structured carriers, a natural parent doesn’t have much need for bouncy chairs, swings or strollers – or a baby monitor!

 In Conclusion…

Attachment parenting is one of the easiest forms of parenting. By listening to your baby’s needs, you are sure to raise a happy little human. And remember, if something doesn’t feel right to you or your baby, there is a reason. Listen to your gut and parent your child the natural, simplistic way.  Attachment parenting brings upon a sense of calm, and why wouldn’t it? There’s no need to run to the store at midnight for soothers, formula, disposable diapers or wipes, or anything else for that matter. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Attachment Parenting is For the Lazy. And boy, do I love it!! :)

Chime In…

As a parent, are there certain things you thought you really needed to have for your baby, but in the end didn’t need? 

22 Responses to “Attachment Parenting Must Haves #natural #parenting #baby”

  • Great article! Definitely agree about co-sleeping helping nurture those bonds.

  • kim:

    I have mixed reviews on co-sleeping. Love all the tips and thanks for sharing. Our 3 yr old comes into our bedroom at night and we let him in….but don’t encourage it.

    • Jenn:

      Great comment – it’s tricky dealing with a preschooler who wants in the bed at night! We normally head back to our children’s rooms, snuggle with them in their own bed for 10 mins or so and then get out ;) I however LOVED co-sleeping with them when they were little and I was still nursing! With my 8 month pregnant belly and husband in my bed, there’s hardly enough room for just the 2 of us these days! ;)

  • I love that all 3 of our kids had different styles. While I loved co-sleeping with our middle son, our youngest didn’t do well. I enjoyed not sharing our bed, but did lots of cuddling and rocking ;)

    • Jenn:

      I found there definitely was a difference between my first and second too! My youngest was much more independent from the start, making co-sleeping a bit of a challenge as he got older. That’s when we knew it was time he moved out of our room and into his own :)

  • I breastfed with all 3 of my girls and also pumped. But one of the things I found I didn’t need was a bottle warmer. It didn’t seem to speed up the warming process at all. I got smart after that and just used a cup of warm/hot water to warm up the bottle.

    • Jenn:

      I actually forgot all about bottle warmers. I ended up using ours a lot, surprisingly. I can definitely see how a cup of warm/hot water would do the trick, though. Have a great weekend, Susie!

  • What a great article. I am getting really close to my due date and your tips sparked some things that I want to do again. I just have forgotten since my youngest is now 5 years old. It has been awhile since I have had to take care of a baby.

    • Jenn:

      Did you co-sleep and then use bed rails? Or did you use a playpen? My curiosity is sparked, lol :) I often wonder if we ever really needed one!

      • When they were newborn I had a bassinet that I kept beside my bed or wherever I was at. But as they outgrew that they slept with me. Never the plan just how it ended up they all had cribs and pretty nurseries lol .

  • Great list. I love that you made it all sound so easy. It is easy!

  • Oh I so agree Lifetime cribs are the best!! We had a crib that was suppose to convert, but it’s lowest setting was still too high off the ground, so we couldn’t use it as a toddler bed for my daughter. But the new ones are much better than that old one.

    For the first little bit, I had a wipe warmer…awesome for an infant, but after the first 8 months I never used it again. lol.

    I really struggled with my daughter, I wanted a carrier so badly and she just wouldn’t be content in any of them. I tried three different styles and brands and she would just have NONE of it. So I was back to carrying her with my arms. I was heart broken. Obviously I couldn’t carry her as much as I could have with a carrier because my arms couldn’t take it.

  • I love all of your point except I am not one for co-sleeping. I had six, and we did do a bit of co-sleeping with the first. But, I was always afraid of rolling over on the baby or my husband was. I liked having the cradle set right next to my bedside, always within an arm’s reach away.

  • Love attachment parenting. It’s funny how the more kids I’ve had the more I’ve began attachment parenting. It makes for happier baby and happier mama :) Thanks for the great list!

  • mel:

    What a great post. I did a modified attachment parenting when I raised both kids. I use lots of wonderful carriers.

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