Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Know Your (toxic) Plastics {with LINKY}

It’s time for another (almost) Wordless Wednesday! Be sure to link up to your own post down below! :)

Wordless Wednesday

Tell me: Is any of this information new or shocking to you?! Click the image to enlarge it for easier viewing.

75 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Know Your (toxic) Plastics {with LINKY}

  1. Thanks for linking on my linky! We never heat food in the microwave in plastic containers, lids or wrap – even if they say they are microwave safe. My husband got rid of our youngest child’s bottles and switched to the safer plastic bottles – even though we were using a top of the range brand and had spent a lot of money on them. Our world is not safe for our families if we don’t stay informed. Thanks for the info.! I wanted to favorite it on your Twitter profile, but I didn’t see your post there.

  2. Wow! How did I not know how dangerous PVC is? It is so scary to read stuff like this. People wonder why everyone is getting all kinds of diseases and health problems these days, but they don’t bother to look at the processed foods we eat and the harmful products we use daily!

  3. A friend recently posted this on her blog, and I was interested to read the bad things about all the plastics. I am thankful that my city recycles and picks up #’s 1-6 and cans in our alley every other week. The other weeks they pick up paper and cardboard. Thanks for sharing this for all the people who haven’t seen it. Makes you think!

  4. I was shocked the first time I went through my hubby’s Hazmat book. Just about everything we touch and use is toxic in some form.

    Great share…thank you and Happy WW!:-)

    1. Live in the forest? 😉 Or maybe now that we’re more aware, choose alternatives when available and limit our exposure to the toxins? Either way, we have to be pro-active with our health because the companies mass producing these things aren’t looking out for us!

  5. I’ve never seen such detailed info about plastics…good to know. Thanks for sharing, I’ve just pinned :)

    Happy WW!


  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I have been moving away from plastic as much as possible, especially with food storage, but this is even more motivation. Found you through Crafty Spices and am glad I did.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jen! I think it’s a great move to get away from plastic food storage – I know it can be a bit expensive at first, but at least the alternatives are healthier and last longer! :)

  7. Information not new but always shocking. It’s amazing what we are doing to ourselves. You could go crazy trying to avoid all those plastics. They are a part of everything we do.

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