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I recently had the opportunity to sample The Healthy Shopper’s Picks for Fall/Winter 2012 and I am quite impressed!   This is the  second season that Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky have hand-selected wonderful products to encourage Canadians to make healthier choices, specifically within the salad dressings and sauces category as well as organic feminine hygiene and natural cleaning product categories.

The Healthy Shopper’s Picks for Fall/Winter 2012 proudly includes:

The Healthy Shopper

Simply Natural Salad Dressings

SimplyNatural The Healthy Shopper

We all know how healthy salads can be, but it’s also no surprise that a salad without dressing can be well, a little bland and that’s why dressings are so popular. But what happens when your family’s favourite go-to salad dressing is chalk full of sodium and even worse – nasty preservatives?  Well, Simply Natural Salad Dressings are here to save the day. Not only are the absolutely delicious, they also sport some pretty impressive qualities. For starters, they boast organic ingredients that are both tasty and fresh, but they also have an easy to read legend on all their (glass – yay!) bottles which states whether that particular sauce is cholesterol free, lactose free, gluten free and/or even vegan. Of course they also go one step further and include any potential allergens that are common in bold print, such as milk, eggs, soy and wheat.  This makes grabbing the right dressing easy and hassle free – especially when we have company over and there are various dietary restrictions to keep track of :) On a side note, my favourite picks from the product line is the Organic Ranch Dressing & Organic Raspberry Vinegarette, while the hubster can’t get enough of the Organic Italian with Roasted Peppers Dressing & the Organic Honey Mustard Dressing. With so many flavours to choose from, I guarantee everyone in your family will be happy (and healthy!) with the Simply Natural salad dressings. Seriously, they are that good! Each 354mL bottle retails around $4.

SAN-J Sauces

san-j the healthy shopper

These gluten-free Asian inspired sauces are super tasty!  They are packed with flavour without the overload of sodium and preservatives that are commonly found in conventional sauces.  They really spice up our dinners and keep things fun and exciting for our children.  Since out entire family has become a huge fan of these sauces, I’m giving SAN-J 2 thumbs up :)

natracare Feminine Products

natracare the healthy shopper

This is the only 100% organic feminine hygiene brand that  provides women with a safe, organic alternative for their bodies.  The femine hygeine products are GMO-free and are made from 87% renewable, natural and sustainable materials.  Being plastic-free, latex-free, perfume-free and gel-free, I’m looking forward to using these once I deliver our newest baby.  I have no doubt at all that they will live up to my expectations. I have used their organic cotton “intimate wipes” which are fantastically soft, durable and alcohol-free. The best part of these wipes? They are infused with calendula and chamomile extracts! I definitely give natracare 2 thumbs up.

ECOVER Cleaning Products

ecover the healthy shopper

Just say no to terrible toxins and say hello to Ecover cleaning products. Not only are these plant and mineral based cleaning products much better for the environment, but they are also a safer choice for our overall health. I feel confident using products that are free of toxins in my home and around my babies! I especially love ECOVER ZERO  natural laundry powder on my children’s clothing because their skin is so sensitive! Not only does it get out all the tough dirt and grime (…and food, art materials and poop – lol) but it leaves their clothing soft and smooth! I also adore their natural dishwashing liquid (the pomegranate and lime scent is AMAZING) because it gets everything clean without putting my family in harm’s way of nasty chemicals. Even better – they don’t test on amimals – that simply makes me happy! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about their ecological toilet bowl cleaner that the hubster got to test out (c’mon, I’m 9 months pregnant, I’ve spent enough time hovering over the bowl) and he said it definitely got the job done –  and he mentioned he liked the scent a lot.  It’s “pine fresh” which I guess is ideal for any manly-man :p

Unjunk Your Junk Food

unjunk your junk food

Unjunk Your Junk Food is an amazing resource, written by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer of along with Lisa Tsakos. It features an entire slew of useful information that breaks down popular junk foods into either “Naturally Savvy approved” or “bad” choice categories. Not only does it spotlight the nutritional values for each good vs bad choice, this wonderful little book also explains why certain ingredients are terrible for our bodies (high-fructose corn syrup, for example).  It’s definitely a wonderful eye-opener to anyone looking to unjunk their junk food and eat healthier!  :)

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