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If you’re a parent of a fussy, teething baby, someone has probably already introduced you to Baltic Amber teething necklaces.  But if they haven’t enlightened you yet, I want you to read this post very carefully. It will likely save your sanity while saving your little one from all the discomforts of teething! :)

Known as a natural analgesic (pain reliever), Baltic Amber helps to calm babies without the need for medication. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe those tiny swollen gums and even help reduce the drooling that’s so commonly associated with a teething baby.  Made of fossilized tree resin, the necklaces contain something called Succinic Acid which acts as a healing agent.  As the amber warms up against a person’s skin, it releases those healing properties which is what gives relief.  Used for centuries, Baltic Amber is even suitable for arthritis sufferers.

baltic amber teething necklace the eczema company

Back to teething – my 2 year old son just hasn’t been himself these last few weeks. It all started before Christmas when he was pointing to his mouth and saying “mama, boo-boo” over and over.  I pulled him up onto my lap and asked him to show me the inside of his mouth. Sure enough his gums were swollen and red.  I also noticed his cheeks broke out in what looked like a rash, which we all know can be associated with teething. So needless to say, we had a very unhappy fussy little boy on our hands.  Unfortunately for him he’s a slow teether. From the start to end of a tooth breaking through, we’re looking at an average of 2 weeks or so. Multiply that by two and he’s miserable for at least one month for each pair of teeth that come in.  The poor guy. Thankfully Jennifer from provided my son with a beautiful Children’s Baltic Amber Necklace to help him through the pain and discomfort of cutting those dreaded molars:

baltic amber teething necklace the eczema company

Since sporting his new 12.25″ molassas-coloured Baltic Amber teething necklace from, my son is noticeably different.  He is (thankfully!) back to being a happy little man! The drooling has completely ended – and the rash on his cheeks? It vanished the same day we put his necklace on him. What’s even better is that he hasn’t complained about his mouth hurting since he began wearing the necklace. Now that’s saying a lot! As for safety, each bead is individually knotted and the necklace sports a break-away clasp.  Should he somehow manage to eat a bead, all is well because it is too small to choke on and since it’s made of a natural substance, it won’t hurt him either.

baltic amber teething necklace the eczema company

I’m so thankful to have an effective, natural alternative for my baby thanks to The Eczema Company. But as their store name states, it’s not just teething necklaces they sell. In fact, Jennifer actually has numerous products up for grabs that range from skincare to children’s clothing and bed time products!  With a fantastic selection of natural products, you are sure to find plenty of things that you and your family need and will love!  Consider this your one stop place to shop for your family’s natural products. Also, The Eczema Company is the ideal place to purchase baby shower gifts, too. In fact, they even have an adorable gift set that would make any mom-to-be swoon!

Buy it! 

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Win a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace & Bracelet Set!

Jennifer from The Eczema Company wants to make your teething baby as comfy as she’s made mine by generously offering one lucky Organic Mama reader a chance to win their very own Baltic Amber teething necklace and bracelet set! Additionally, the winner will have the opportunity to select the size and colour of their prize! To be entered, simply fill-out the form beneath this sentence. This giveaway is open World Wide. Good luck!

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