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Ever since giving birth to our 3rd child last week, we have had an overwhelming amount of love and support thrown our way. But with almost every card, congratulations and freezer meal comes these little words: what’s it like having three kids now? Almost like an anomaly, this intriguing question keeps popping up during our visits. So after much deliberation, here are my thoughts on having 3 children…all whom are *gasp* boys! 😉

Now to be honest, I know that most people don’t have 3 children in and around my city. In fact, I’d say families consisting of 2 children seem to be the “norm” around here. But it’s not for lack of gusto. It’s due to personal preference. So seeing as we wanted three children, it will likely not come as a surprise that we are doing just great! Actually  there isn’t much of a difference that I’ve noticed going from 2 to 3.

my thoughts on having 3 children

The way I see it, every time you introduce a newborn to your family things get jostled around a bit. Like your schedule (so when exactly do I get a nap?), your personal hygiene routines (shower, anyone?) and of course once you throw in breastfeeding, well all bets are off because you will find yourself nursing your little one for more than half of the day. So with that said, having a newborn with 1 other child in the home really is no different than having a newborn with 2 other children in the home. Although, depending on the older siblings ages, things can be a little easier or more challenging at times. But if you’re already a parent, you would know that’s just a part of your normal day – somethings go without a hitch, others not so much. So like I said, having a newborn is what changes things, not how many other children you have in addition to that newborn.

Check out these famous brothers, starting with the Hansons, all grown up and looking quite stellar:

The Wayans brothers –

And last but certainly not least … the Bee Gees:

So tell me, how many children do you have and are you ‘done’ yet or would you like to have more? 

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