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Breastfeeding moms know and trust Laninsoh products – but have you seen the new mOmma bottles featuring the NaturalWave Peristaltic Nipple yet? If not, here’s your chance!

Lansinoh mOmma

Lansinoh mOmma bottle

Lansinoh’s mOmma Rocking Feeding Bottle is unique thanks to its Round shape. Not only is it easy for babies to hold on to, but the wide design also allows for easy pouring and cleaning, too. It’s gentle bottle rocking motion also helps entertain an older baby while ensuring that the nipple doesn’t touch the table should it begin to tip over.  But that’s not all that’s super neat about this bottle. It is also interchangeable with the mOmma Non-Spill (pictured below) and Straw cup lids, so it really takes you from the newborn to preschooler stage.  As for the NEW, NaturalWave Peristaltic Nipple, it supports breastfeeding by allowing the baby to mimic natural sucking rhythm while promoting oral, facial, and jaw development and reducing air intake! Pretty impressive right?! I sure think so :)

Lansinoh 2

Lansinoh’s mOmma spill-proof cup has everything a baby/toddler and mom needs.  The soft spout is the perfect transition from a bottle nipple while the rocking movement stimulates development. The soft grip handles are the perfect size for little hands to hold independently and the protective cover ensures the spout stays clean while inside the diaper bag or car. In addition to all of that, it is also BPA free and dishwasher/microwave safe!

Lansinoh 3

Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin is known and proven to soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples. In fact, it works so well that it is the only topical nipple cream endorsed in the US by La Leche League International. Made of 100% natural lanolin, it is safe for both mom and baby and doesn’t need to be washed off before breastfeeding. But it’s not just great for breastfeeding, in fact it’s also a wonderful solution to sore, damaged nipples from pumping, too. Just apply (squeeze a tiny amount in between your fingers, massage and gently apply) and then pump away! It’s so effective that it comes to no surprise that it’s the #1 treatment for breastfeeding moms.  Convenient to take with you while you’re on the go, Lansinoh’s BPA and phthalate-free tube of lanolin is a must for any diaper bag!

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