summer activities

Parents, It’s Time to Start Planning Your Summer Activities!

It’s a miracle, Spring has finally sprung! So with summer just around the corner, it’s definitely time for us parents to start planning summer activities for our kids!

summer activities

Whether it’s informal playdates at the local park or joining a day camp, be sure to research what your town or city has offer early on (as in, now) and register if need be so you don’t miss out on the more popular programs and activities!

summer activities

So far we’ve got our oldest (4) registered for soccer & an art program but nothing yet for our 2 year old.  I’m thinking he’ll likely enjoy playing at our local park the most! :) 

What sorts of things do your kids enjoy taking part in during their summer holidays?

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  1. This summer will be a little different, but we have always had extended stays at the cabin in the summer which meant more fishing and swimming and tons of outdoor fun.

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