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NEW All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid {Review & Giveaway – $70 Value}

As most of you know, I have a huge love for homeschooling. Making the choice to send our 4 year old to half day kindergarten this past year was a tricky (okay, heartbreaking) decision for the hubster and I, but we did it based on the social/emotional development that school was able to expose him to. Truthfully, if I hadn’t been pregnant with our 3rd baby, I probably wouldn’t have even enrolled him … but nonetheless it made the most sense at the time.

 All Access Organizers

Since my high-risk pregnancy was also coupled with moving into our new home, all of my homeschool resources were thrown placed gently into moving bins – and for the most part, everything has stayed that way…until now. For anyone keeping notes, it’s been 1 year since we moved, yikes! However, with summer break here, homeschooling is back on again. The only problem is that our homeschool room has now been turned into a beautiful nursery. So the kitchen will just have to do – although the Hubster doesn’t want everything thrown on the counter. So I needed a better storage solution. Luckily I found exactly what I need – Rubbermaid® All Access™ Organizers!

All Access Organizers

We all know that traditional bins are great for storing unused/seasonal items, but I need something better for my homeschool items. I need to be able to see into them quickly and actually access what I’m searching for in a second. For those reasons alone, the Rubbermaid All Access organizers are perfect for my family, because they have a clear, drop down door which allows us to retrieve exactly what we want, when we want it – without needing to dig down below to find what I’m looking for! Finally, I can grab what I need – anytime I need it, even when they are stacked on top one another! Now that’s pretty awesome, right?! I sure think so! No more procrastinating to get the things I need just because I don’t want to throw out my back unstacking heavy containers!

All Access Organizers

I’m sure you can imagine all the wonderful uses for these containers, other than homeschooling items. For instance – they would make an excellent storage area in the garage for balls, skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and toys. Or even better – set them up under a desk for a convenient organizer of all your papers, CDs and even stationary needs! The possibilities really are endless, but I have to say the most unique idea I recently came across was to use it as a gecko home, with a little bit of modification of course! ;)

All Access Organizers

While I am using 2 medium organizers for my day-to-day homeschool supplies, I am also using 2 more for my craft supplies! I just need to print off some pretty pages to place in the front windows of each bin. I’m definitely thinking some scrapbook paper and my label maker are going to be put to use ;) Don’t you just love getting more organized?! I am SO excited about these!!

The Nitty-Gritty!

  • The Rubbermaid 12-Gallon (56-Quart) All Access Organizers are Great for organizing garages, closets, children’s toys, craft rooms, offices, dorm rooms and more
  • Accessible storage
  • Ability to retrieve contents without unstacking
  • Modular system for organizing frequently used items

Available in 3 sizes –

  • Small –  19.5″ x 17.5″ x 11.6″  {$14.99}
  • Medium – 19.5″ x 17.5″ x 15.1″ {$16.99}
  • Large – 22″ x 17.5″ x 15.1″ {$19.99}

Available at Walmart and The Home Depot, the All Access Organizers are a fantastic storage solution for the things you want access to in a flash. If I had the opportunity to add or change any features, I would love to see handles on the side because I would like to be able to easily carry the containers from room to room. I would also love to see them offered in more neutral colours, so they can blend into any room’s decor. Overall, I give the All Access Organizers 2 thumbs up!

Win It!

Rubbermaid wants to help you get organized, too! They are offering one lucky Organic Mama reader the chance of winning their very own set of All Access organizers – a $70 Value! To enter, simply fill out the easy rafflecopter form below.  Open to Canadian residents. Good luck!

Psst – check out the Rubbermaid All Access Contest on their Facebook page for lots of great prizes, too! :)

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117 thoughts on “NEW All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid {Review & Giveaway – $70 Value}

  1. I love Rubbermaid anything, but I really love that I could put practically anything in these!

  2. So excited about this giveaway. I’ve been keeping my eyes on these bins since they first came out. :) Also left a link on your WW linky. Have a wonderful week.

  3. i love that you can access the bin on the bottom of a stack without moving the other bins!

  4. our current office room is going to have to become a bedroom in the next little while, so i’ll need storage for all of our office supplies!

  5. I love that they open from the front so you can get to things even if you have them stacked up!

  6. I want to win because there are so many of the kids’ toys everywhere. Would be nice to finally have something to organize them.

  7. I love the clear, drop down door so that I don’t have to unstack the boxes in order to retrieve something that I need

  8. I like the clear front so you can see the contents. They have a nice range of sizes, too.

  9. I want to win because my yarn & knitting supplies could use some serious organizing.

  10. My favourite Rubbermaid product is my laundry basket – so durable & fits my hip just right!

  11. i love how you can see whats in side. you dont have to lift each box to see whats in the one below

  12. I really want to win because I have a lot of things in mind for these containers,and would help me to organize my home!

  13. I like that the drawers seem to be a very big size so you can store things that are on the bigger size in them. Thanks for the chance!

  14. I love that seeing what’s in them will encourage me to use what I put in there instead of just tossing everything in and forgetting about it.

  15. I like that you can see what is in each bin. I find myself opening numerous bins to find what I am looking for.

  16. I like that you can see what’s in the bins and that you can open it from the side. This makes it easy to get the things that may be on the bottom. Also if you have a stack of these you don’t have to remove the ones on top to get to the bottom bin.

  17. I like the clear door where you can see your stuff inside without ripping the bin apart.

  18. I love that you see what inside and can open them up from the side which is so convenient when you have a bunch of boxes stacked.

  19. I’d have to say my favorite products are the Lock-its food storage containers.

  20. I’d love to win so I could organize my basement and my daughters school memento’s.

  21. I like that everything is easily accessible and the clear door that allows you to see what’s in the container.

  22. Oops! Don’t know what happened to my comment. I like that these containers are easily accessible and that you can see what is in them.

  23. Rubbermaid has lots of great products, but I think the All Access Organizers my turn out to be my favourite!

  24. The See through front & stackable nature of these products makes it absolutely essential when organizing!

  25. I really like that you can see what is in them with the clear door and that they are stackable

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can see inside and access form the sides/front. Very nice feature.

  27. I love that they are Rubbermaid and therefore durable and would be great for all my craft supplies.

  28. I like that you can stack them, and still get the items on the bottom without moving the top unit.

  29. I Love Rubbermaid for the Durability and the stacking features it gives, Unfortunately they are expensive most of the time and are hard to find them second hand as they go so fast, But is given this chance to win them. Thank you so much for the opportunity =)

  30. I like that you can see what is in it from the front.. I need a lot of these to organize my stuff and that will help!

  31. I love that they open from the front, while they are stacked it’s easy to get inside, love this feature

  32. I love Rubbermaid and love that these can be stacked on top of each other and the drawer is clear so I know what is in each container! Great products!

  33. I love Rubbermaid and love that these can be stacked on top of each other and the drawer is clear so I know what is in each container! Great products!

  34. I’m a crafter and would love love love to not have to drag totes down to find something because I can’t see whats in each tote

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