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So tell me, how did you start living an organic lifestyle? 

Well we first started out by buying a few organic fruits and vegetables and just sort of built onto that. Next came the ‘green’ household cleaners and reducing the amount of disposable products we bought…then things just snowballed.  Now, 9 years later, we compost, eat organic meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, as well as cloth diaper and use reusable wipes. We also grow some of our own food in our backyard (this is something I really want to expand on in the coming years) and shop locally.  I love making my own baby emollient creams and I use coconut oil, baking soda and vinegar for pretty much everything. Seriously! In addition, we consciously buy eco-friendly toys for our boys and and try our best to stick to what’s important to us.

Any last words about your lifestyle?

It’s not always easy, and not always cheap, but we make it work – even with our 1 income family. Oh! And wine (organic or not) makes everything better – much, much better! 😉

Let’s talk about your site. What lead to starting this blog in the first place?

I liked reading mom blogs and thought to myself, hey – I can do this, too. And that was it – the start of Organic Mama was underway.

With 3 small children, when do you have time to blog?

Whenever the older kids are at school, or my youngest is napping or otherwise occupied. I usually manage to sneak away for 10 minutes here and there. If not, I use it as an excuse to stay up late. FYI right now it is 5 minutes past midnight and I’m just finally getting some alone time. I’m sure you can relate, no?

Are you crafty, talented or otherwise special?

Crafty – yes. Talented – not that I know of. Special – oh my friends, like you wouldn’t believe.  :)

When did you begin your website? And why? was founded in 2010 as a resource for those searching for information on the power of eating and enjoying organic, eco-friendly and natural products.  It has since broadened its spectrum to include a complementary focus on teaching children as well. I love working with powerful brands and being voted #3 on Skinny Scoop’s 25 Best Green Bloggers list of 2012 was really nice, too!

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