living naturally

~Q and A’s~

The following questions regarding how living naturally has changed me life have been asked to me numerous times, so I thought I would make a central question and answer section to help make it easier to find. Here they are:

“Buying all organic food just isn’t an option for us, but we want to get healthier. Where could we start?”

First off, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with “The Clean 15“, which lists various conventionally grown fruits and vegetables which are considered the safest to eat.

Next, have a peek at “The Dirty Dozen“. It examines the top twelve conventionally grown fruits and vegetables which are considered to be the least safe to eat, so it would be a great start to buy these foods in the organic variety whenever possible.

If buying organic meat isn’t an option, perhaps you could bite the bullet and pick up some organic eggs.

“What’s the easiest way to reduce my family’s carbon footprint?”

As cliche as it sounds, the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” mantra will take you far in your journey to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also do a little research on “greening your home during the fall/winter months“. Should you have an infant at home, you can also learn how to reduce your baby’s carbon footprint by reading various articles online.

“Chemicals and toxins are everywhere. How do you protect your family”

I clean my home using various homemade natural cleaners, and only buy eco-friendly household cleaners.  Seeing as I can be ridiculously anti-plastic at times, my boys play with safer toys. We also cloth diaper in our quest to stay away from dioxin, TBT and SAP. We also use trusted cloth diaper & laundry detergents.

I’ve read that you have PCOS, what’s that all about? 

You can read up on my battles with infertility, which will hopefully shed some light on what PCOS is and how it’s changed my life.

“What is your advice to a mom looking to try natural/attachment parenting?”

Natural/Attachment Parenting is for the lazy! With that said, I highly recommend it. 😉

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