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Tips For Getting Your Spring Cleaning Chores Organized 11

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Believe it or not, Spring is here! And as any family is well aware of, it’s time to get started with your spring cleaning! I for one, LOVE spring cleaning! Not only does our home get super organized from top to bottom (always starting with putting away the kids’s winter gear) but with the windows open I can’t help but feel happier, healthier and more productive this time of year!

If you’re not as gung-ho as I am about spring chores, Insurance Hunter (a great company that helps you seek out the best auto insurance quotes. To get yourself started, the article suggests you create a “to-do” list of the chores that need to be completed. I totally agree – in fact, I normally make a list for each member of the house (minus our newborn, of course!). Our 2 and 4 year old sons LOVE running around the house fulfilling their duties – because to them it feels more like a scavenger hunt/race than cleaning!

To stay on track and ensure your cleaning gets done before NEXT spring (c’mon – we’ve ALL been there!), the article also recommends creating a timeline to keep everyone on track. Again, I think that’s a great suggestion.

As for my family, the biggest task we are planning on tackling this spring is cleaning out our storage room in the basement before our annual neighbourhood garage sale next month. It’s a huge undertaking, but we’d rather sell and donate the things we don’t need than keep them around for another year “just in case”!

Please visit Insurance Hunter and read their entire article on Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized for more helpful information!

How about you? What’s been the biggest spring cleaning task you’ve undertaken?

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Organic Cotton LunaPads to the rescue! PERIOD. #women 4

Okay ladies, let’s talk periods! Let’s put aside those expensive disposable pads we’ve been using all our lives for a few minutes and follow my journey of cloth menstrual pads – more specifically,  Organic Cotton LunaPads!


Whether you’re a mom like me or maybe pregnant, I’m sure the cloth diaper debate has popped up in conversation with your gal pals once or twice. Either they’re all for it, or all against it. Well it seems that cloth diapers aren’t the only cloth alternatives that are being chatted about lately.  Now that cloth pads are making their way into more and more homes, women all across North America are beginning to take notice and are broaching the subject.

lunapadsSo, let’s talk a little about Organic LunaPads, shall we? It wasn’t until after I was cloth diapering my first son that I really became aware of cloth pads. And so the research began.  What will they feel like? Will they be absorbent? How would I wash them?  Are they going to cost me a fortune? All those questions came flashing through my mind, but there’s nothing like diving right in to get a feel for something when you’re in a fork at the road, and that’s why I recommend the LunaPads sampler kit to anyone who’s curious! The kit retails for just$33.45 or you can add just $4.80 for the organic cotton variety – which happens to be my personal choice, and includes 1 Mini Pantyliner, 1 Maxi Pad with 1 Maxi Basic Liner and 1 Maxi Wing Liner:


Let’s face it: LunaPads aren’t just better for the environment than disposable pads, but they’re actually a whole lot healthier for you since they don’t have any nasty chemicals like liquid-absorbing gel!

Plus I find them a whole lot more comfortable and breathable which leads to less skin irritation and perspiration. And the pantyliner, I have to say, is unbeatable when it comes to absorbency! I did however have a slight “bunching” problem with the liner, but then again disposable liners always seem to curl up on me too. Does this happen to anyone else?

If you’re the type of person who is easily put off by stains, I’d suggest you go straight to the darker coloured fabrics, they do a better job at concealing them.  However, once you start using your LunaPads you will likely get over your squeamishness fairly quickly! :) Despite what our society has taught us, a women’s menstrual cycle is neither dirty or something to be ashamed about. It’s a sign of life, and that same vitality is what brings those beautiful children we love and cherish so much into this world. :)

While the sampler pack provides me with less than a full day’s coverage, it is a fantastic investment to make if you are undecided that cloth is the way to go. Plus you can sample each style of pad, which is equally as convenient and helpful.

lunapadsI definitely give LunaPads 2 thumbs up and think you will too!

What are your personal feelings about cloth pads? Would you be interested in trying LunaPads out?


dealnews – Where Everyday is Black Friday!

This post brought to you by dealnews. All opinions are 100% mine.

Living on a single income family budget has been tough over the years, but thanks to clipping coupons and finding amazing deals online, we’ve managed to pay very little and save a lot.

dealnews does the hard work for you by scouring over 2,000 online retailers to deliver the best deals every day! The deals are so good that it’s like having Black Friday everyday. Not only does dealnews verify that each deal is valid, but it also ensures that it is the lowest total price and from reputable retailers, too. Talk about doing all the dirty work!

Another feature that makes dealnews so exciting is that you can easily set up an email alert so you never miss a deal on a specific product or category. That means that as soon as the deal you’re waiting for is live, you’ll get an e-mail within minutes. Pretty awesome, right? It’s super helpful if you’re waiting to buy specific items for your spouse, children or friend sand family in general!

dealnews has everything covered – I love that I can find great deals on anything from clothing, to TVs, to electronics and laptops to local and travel deals. I especially have a soft spot for all things apple – like this iPod deal:

If you’re working with a tight budget, be sure to keep in mind the next time you want to pay a little and save a lot!

So tell me, what deals have you found at dealnews and what are you going to buy?

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