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Whether you consider yourself gifted in the creative department or not, I bet you {and your children!} enjoy expressing yourself creatively.  I, for one, enjoyed doodling as a teen, and as I entered into my twenties I designed one of my tattoos.  But I understand that permanent ink isn’t everyone’s idea of the best way to express oneself  – and that’s exactly why I think you’ll have fun with the brand new Stained by Sharpie markers!

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Stained by Sharpie markers bring self-expression to a whole new level for you, your children, your grandchildren and even your grandparents! Created specifically with fade-resistant ink, these fabric markers are second to none.


I was recently sent a couple packs of fabric markers to review, as well as a plain white baseball cap to decorate. At first I wondered when I would sit my 3 year old down to test them out, but that idea was quickly squashed when the hubster took notice of my loot and declared he had first dibbs! He wouldn’t let me watch him during the process, so clearly I had to remind him whatever he wrote/drew would be displayed on my site. Luckily he assured me I could relax, he wasn’t going to do anything embarrassing. ..or would he? 😉 Nah, of course not! Here’s what he made for our 3 year old son:

stained by sharpie

He made a Lightning McQueen hat for him! Great job, hubster!! I have to say he was like a little kid in a candy shop – all excited and giggling to himself while getting creative.  It was super cute watching him!  The best part was watching our son’s reaction to his new baseball cap – he was over the moon! The hubster of course promises to crack them out later today while we celebrate Earth Day at our annual family BBQ!

From my husband’s point of view, they go on smoothly with minimal effort and the fine tips enable a level of precision like nothing else.  The colours are vibrant and the possibilities are endless! Being odorless, you won’t need to crack the windows open during craft time with your children, either!

I {finally} had an opportunity to play around with them late last night, and I have to say, these fabric markers are pretty darn fantastic. I am very impressed with the overall quality and use of Stained by Sharpie Fabric Markers!

Stained by Sharpie™ is available at Staples, Walmart, Real Canadian Superstores and wherever writing instruments are sold.  The markers are available individually and in 4 and 8 packs with prices ranging from $1.99 to $15.99 depending on the package.

Sharpie and MuchMusic are teaming up to inspire and showcase Canadian Sharpie creations beginning in April! Check out for more information! :)

One lucky Canadian resident is going to win their very own Stained by Sharpie prize pack ~ a $50 value! Just enter the super easy entry form below.

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