25 Days of Christmas

Our 25 Days of Christmas List! #Christmas

In addition to all the preparation that is involved in bringing a third child into the world, I have also been busy planning our family’s 25 Days of Christmas List! :)

If you are not  familiar with what it means, we as a family will be doing at least one special Christmas activity together from December 1st up until, and of course including Christmas day. With a focus on art, baking and DIY presents this year, the hubster and I have come up with the following list:

December 1: Our Elf (on the Shelf) makes his debut appearance with a special “Elf Breakfast” and introduces the boys’ Advent Calendars!


December 2: Build a snowman family together!

December 3: Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” while eating stove-popped popcorn and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows!

December 4: Set up our Nativity Scene together!

December 5: Write and mail Christmas cards!

December 6: Attend our Church’s Annual Christmas Pageant!

December 7: Go sledding!

December 8: Help the boys make homemade presents for their friends and family!

December 9: Make salt-dough Christmas ornaments!

December 10: Write letters to Santa & mail them!

December 11: Read Christmas stories all snuggled up on the couch together!

December 12: Sing Christmas carols!

December 13: Bake Christmas cookies!


December 14: Make Homemade Hot Chocolate and watch “The Muppet Christmas Carol” together!

December 15: Go skating!

December 16: Bake, build and decorate a Gingerbread house!

December 17: Make “cookies in a jar” presents together!

December 18: Have pancakes with syrup and ice cream cones for dinner!

December 19: Have a family game night!

December 20: Help the boys wrap presents!

December 21: Make paper trees, snowflakes and snowmen!

December 22: Host a family Christmas gathering at our house!

December 23: Make snowmen cupcakes!

December 24: Say good-bye to Buddy the Elf & set up snacks and milk for Santa and his Reindeer!

December 25: Open presents and have a lovely Christmas Day!

Chime in: Does your family partake in any special traditions leading up to the Holidays? And if so, what are they?  

26 thoughts on “Our 25 Days of Christmas List! #Christmas

  1. Love your list! Quite creative to make it 25 things to do for the 25 days of Christmas! Although, I have to admit; we’ve already done a good handful of them the very day we put up the Christmas tree; black Friday. lol. But that’s ok. I’m still VERY excited for Christmas.

  2. That is an AMAZING list! Super cool and inventive! I might steal some of your ideas in there.I love it how you came up with something for everything but those things aren’t all super big, just to say that you have a little something planned! :)

  3. This is such a awesome list! Gets me so excited for Christmas. I love doing the ELf on the shelf but some other traditions I have not done yet:)

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