36 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Journal: 36 Weeks pregnant

Wow – I’m 36 weeks pregnant already! I’m definitely beginning to feel like the end is in sight with just six days until I reach full term.  What an unbelievable thought: our third child will grace us with his/her presence in just a couple weeks’ time. Unreal…freaking UNREAL!

This pregnancy has gone by fairly quickly, in fact I think it’s flown by! I suppose running around and chasing our 4 and 2 year old boys make time fly a little 😉 But seriously – I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has been. It feels like just last month that I peed on a stick and saw the result. I was in shock, disbelief really. It was such an awesome feeling to know that I was once again pregnant – and this time I didn’t have any of the nausea and vomiting like I had in my previous pregnancies which made it all feel a little … sweeter.

This week the baby has been hiccuping around the clock. It’s a sign that he/she is learning to breathe, so as much as I’m thrilled, I have to admit the constant rhythmic jerking on my hip bone hasn’t been all that fun.  More like downright uncomfortable. As are the feet wedged under my rib cage, but that’s at least to be expected 😉

I have gained 25lbs this pregnancy, which as some of you might remember from my past pregnancies, is practically half of what I gained previously.  I’ve been feeling pretty great, so there’s no need to eat tons of carbs like I used to in order to keep the nausea at bay. This pregnancy has been, for all intensive purposoes, the easiest one so far.  And seeing as it’s likely to be my last, I’m pretty happy that this is how I will remember feeling.  It’s been a blessing in so many ways.

Speaking of this being our last child, how many children do you have – and do you think you want more, or are you done?

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Journal: 36 Weeks pregnant

  1. We have 4 children – ages 7, 5, 3 and 2 and we are expecting our 5th in April. This will be it for us because it will be my 5th c-section and I know that my body cannot handle anymore after that. I would love to have more but at 39 years old we are done. :)

  2. Happy to hear things are going well for you. How exciting! I have three kids and we are probably done but I’m not ready to make it permanent. I like the option to change my mind.

  3. Part of me would like more but with the baby turning 4 in April, I don’t really want to go through all that again. :)

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