My Little Eco Footprint Subscription Box has arrived! 16

A couple weeks ago I wrote about an Eco-friendly monthly subscription box for us Canadian mamas and our babies – LittleEcoFootprint. Today I’m going to share with you what came in this month’s box!

LittleEcoFootprint is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby (newborn to 3 years), delivered to your door filled with healthy, natural and Eco-friendly products selected by real moms.

I’m so excited to be a mom blogger for this amazing company because they are helping moms and their little ones try new and exciting products which are toxic-free and safe! And you all know how much I love that! :) This month’s subscription box {which costs as low as $27 per month} arrived yesterday with the following goodies, which retails for about $40 :

little eco footprint 3

Can I just take a minute and tell you that I felt like a kid at Christmas opening up this box?! I mean, seriously – it is SO much fun not knowing what’s inside!   What I found inside was pretty darn awesome – let’s start with these:

little eco footprint 4

Made by first food organics baby food (a Canadian company!), these snacks are perfect for my 2 year old. I love that they are organic,  nutritious and best of all – convenient and mess-free for when we’re out and his tummy is hungry! Retailing for just $3.99, these are a steal!

 little eco footprint

I LOVE crayon rocks ($1.75 for the sample pack) and so do my boys! My 4 year old caught a glimpse of them as I was opening up the box so I invited him to draw a picture. He of course took me up on my offer and produced a beautiful sun, sky and house.  My little artist 😉 Made from all natural soy wax, these are perfect for toddlers because they help develop and refine their fine motor skills which later help them print! Oops, there’s the ECE in me coming out again 😉

little eco footprint

Next up, Natural Foam Wash from Carré Jaune ($5), Stain Remover Stick from Buncha Farmers ($4.42), Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash by john masters organics ($3) & a $10 gift certificate to BOSKÉ KIDS! Okay, can I just stop and say that there is SO much value in the LittleEcoFootprint Subscription Boxes and that I am SO impressed! So clearly I’m super excited to try these bath & beauty products & who doesn’t love a gift certificate to an environmentally conscious company, but isn’t a little sad that I’m crazy excited about the stain remover?! Maybe I should have kept that to myself 😉

little eco footprint

The last product I unwrapped is this BEAUTIFUL Giraffes Growth Chart by ecojot ($12) – another Canadian company – woot, woot! I’ve never heard of ecojot before, so aside from the fact that my newest little guy’s room is COVERED in giraffes and other safari animals (so this growth chart will fit in perfectly with his decor), I love that I’ve learned about another eco-friendly company that offers beautiful stationary – all thanks to my Little Eco Footprint subscription! 😉

In addition to these fabulous products, this month’s product information pamphlet is packed with Eco-friendly and natural parenting tips from the official Little Eco Footprint experts!  I JUST LOVE IT! To read the info yourself, you’ll have to subscribe first 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Canadians – head over to LittleEcoFootprint right now, have a look around & sign up for your very own Eco-Friendly Monthly Subscription Box!



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