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Wordless Wednesday – Homemade Gluten Free Cheese Sticks {LINKY} 25

Psst. I have a secret-  I really love food – and here is what I have been craving lately: 

Gluten Free fried cheese sticks

Don’t the look amazing? They’re my homemade gluten free fried cheese sticks. Here’s the recipe, they are SO simple to make!


Cooking Oil (I used canola), enough to cover 1 inch of your cooking pot 

FROZEN Cheese Sticks  (I cut ‘real’ cheese (cheddar, actually, but obviously mozzarella would be ideal, too) in to small sticks but you can also use 8 string cheese sticks too, cut in half.

2 eggs, beaten well in a bowl 

1 cup gluten free chicken coating (or breadcrumbs if you aren’t gluten-free)

Pizza sauce 


1. Using tongs, coat each piece of cheese with the beaten eggs   

2. Place each piece of cheese in a small container of your coating mix, one at a time, gently ‘shaking’ the container back and forth to ensure even coverage 

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2

 4. Once all the cheese has been coated, gently place them into a hot pot of hot oil to cook. It will take roughly 30-60 seconds in total to cook them. Be careful not to burn them, and ensure that they are not overcooked (cheese will start to ‘leak’ out).

5.  Remove them from the oil and place on a plate of paper towels to absorb the extra oil 

6. Serve with pizza sauce and enjoy! 

Wordless Wednesday – Husbands & Father’s Day {& LINKY} 30

Crazy how time flies – it’s time for another Wordless Wednesday post :) Happy (early) Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!!!

This year Father’s Day actually falls on my 6th wedding anniversary, so I thought this was  quite appropriate:

wordless wednesday

Tee hee :) #ThatsLOVE

Wordless Wednesday – Breastfeeding & The Postpartum Belly Bulge {& LINKY} 23

Haha okay, so it’s time for another Wordless Wednesday! This time around I have to say this one made me laugh out loud because I have said it to numerous friends over the years: 

wordless wednesday

Can anyone else relate?! #PostpartumTummy (a.k.a the #BulgingBelly) lol 😉

Wordless Wednesday {& LINKY} – Little Eco Footprint Subscription Box 18

Time for another Wordless Wednesday! Be sure to link up below :)

Here’s a sweet assortment of lovely Eco-friendly items I received in this month’s Little Eco Footprint subscription box – aren’t they lovely? I will have a post up tomorrow that outlines everything in this month’s “Mother’s Day” box!

Little Eco Footprint

If you want to subscribe, check out their website (Canadian addresses, only!)