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Sew is your Baby Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway! 21

Sew is Your Baby is owned and operated by Work at Home Mom, Michelle. Michelle makes and sells cloth diapering items and accessories. Below is an interview I recently conducted with her prior to reviewing one of her One Size Minky Pocket Diapers.

So Michelle, what led to you starting your own business?

two things. the first was that i wanted, more than anything, to be able to stay home and raise my daughter. the second was my strong desire to offer an inexpensive and fun alternative to disposable diapering.

How did you come up with the name Sew Is Your Baby?

in 2008, i started a business called “sew is your face!”. i make adult clothing, costumes and accessories out of reclaimed materials. i mostly use neckties, wool and old keys for jewelry. the name is meant to imply lots of positive attitude and sass (like my personality) and the word sew was just a play on words.  i like to use taglines such as: “hey, that necktie vest you made is super cute!…sew is your face!” when i started my cloth diaper business, “sew is your baby!” was a natural progression.

What have been your biggest successes and challenges so far?

i would say my biggest success so far has been realizing my dream. i mean, i’m doin it! my biggest challenge has been keeping on track in a timely manner. as a new mom, it’s hard (for me) to be organized and to always know what the next step is.

How has being a Mompreneur changed your life?

it has afforded me plenty of time to spend with my family, which was the whole point!

What does your home office/work space look like?

i have a dedicated sewing/inventory room. while the diapers are on shelfs and in perfect order, the rest of the room is kind of a mess with many projects happening at once. the creative side of my brain doesn’t like to clean.

And finally, what are your dreams for the future?

to have another child, to remain working from home and to continue contributing to the awareness of the benefits of cloth diapering.

Michelle sent me this adorable dalmatian print, One-Size Pocket Minky diaper to review.

First off, I have to say that I absolutely love this minky diaper. Aesthetically speaking, it is super cute and so luxuriously soft, but looks are just a start!  It’s the functionality of a cloth diaper that is sure to impress. And this diaper impressed me! I even showed it off at playgroup!

The minky is soft, washes well, and is really breathable. The minky is lined with waterproof PUL and diaper lining is made from a microsuede fiber that helps wick away moisture from your baby’s skin. The quick drying microfiber insert measures 5.5″ by 14″ and is perfect for daytime or light-moderate wetters. We haven’t had any leaks but as of lately he’s been a very heavy wetter so I’ve added a doubler for overnight.

I find the fit to be really good for my 6 month old son who is quite rollie-pollie in the belly and more slender in his thighs. The one size diaper still fits him well, even on the smallest setting.

I love the snaps because they won’t age your diapers like hook and loop closures do, and of course they prevent the dreaded diaper chain. Another feature I love about the diaper is the crossover and hip snaps (on rounded tabs) which makes for a trim fit even on the smallest babies!

This diaper has held up well to many washings.  The minky still looks brand new.  I was very impressed by that. This diaper is very trim under my son’s clothes, too. I like the way this diaper fits around my son’s thighs and belly – there are absolutely no red marks. I can tell it’s a comfortable diaper and that is of the utmost importance to me.

Bottom Line: I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to try a Sew is your Baby diaper because it really is more than just a good-looking diaper. It has everything a cloth diapering mama is looking to have in her fluffy stash ~  and more!


You can purchase minky and non-minky cloth diapers, as well as cloth wipes and other accessories online at Sew is your Baby!


Michelle has graciously offered one lucky Organic Mama reader their very own diaper and insert from Sew is your Baby!


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Demystifying Cloth Diapers: What detergent is best? 11

Which Detergent Should I use?

First of all, it is important to note that you do NOT need a lot of detergent to wash your cloth diapers. In fact, you only require about 1/4 of the amount of detergent you would use for a regular load of laundry. Cloth diapers are easily susceptible to build-up, so you want to make sure that you are adhering to the cloth diaper manufacturer’s recommendations to a T.

You do not necessarily need to buy “special” laundry detergent if what you currently use meets the manufacturer’s standards. Essentially you want a detergent that is FREE of dyes, fragrances, softeners, enzymes, brighteners and bleach. ESPECIALLY BLEACH-FREE. Bleach will literally eat through your cloth diapers, and soon enough you will see tiny holes in your precious dipes. A few suitable laundry detergents, which I personally use, include:

Allens Naturally Powdered and Liquid Laundry Detergents

Arm & Hammer Essentials Free (fragrance and dye free versions)

Nellie’s Nellie’s Laundry Soda

Rockin Green Soft, Classic & Hard

Quick Tip! Adding baking soda to your wash cycle and distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle will brighten up your cloth diapers like they were brand spankin’ new!

Interested in learning more about Cloth Diapering? Part 1 of my “Demystifying Cloth Diapers” series is a good start!  I also have information about urine buildup on cloth diapers, if that is something you are interested in learning about. Or, if you want to learn about stripping your cloth diapers, I have a post about that, too! Have a cloth diaper related question? You’re not alone! Feel free to ask and I will respond directly to you and write a post on it for my other readers :)

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Demystifying Cloth Diapers: Urine Build-up (Ammonia Smell) 16

One thing cloth diapering mamas dread is odor on their precious babies (note: by “babies” I am referring to cloth diapers, not actual small human beings)! 😉

Today I pulled out a batch of cloth diapers from the washing machine and did the usual sniff test (and any CD mom who claims not to smell them is a liar) and got a whiff of something, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. So I went ahead and did a second wash, this time sans laundry soap, thinking that maybe I had a build up problem. I even threw in a 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar into the final rinse, for good measure.

But alas they still came out smelling a little bit off. So I did what most time-crunched mamas out there would do, turned my cheek and threw them up on the clothesline to dry as is.

Well I just changed my son’s diaper and the smell of ammonia was SO pungent that I almost fell over.  Damn it, urine residue – I hate you!

So with the confirmation that my dipes need a little TLC today, that is exactly what I’m going to give them.

So, how do I know I have a urine residue?

Once washed, the diapers smell clean but after baby’s first pee, you will smell a strong ammonia odor.

Why does it happen?

It’s an overproduction of ammonia.  In the body, ammonia is converted to urea and excreted.  Once the urine is released, the urea begins converting back to ammonia, so some ammonia smell is perfectly normal – but if you are about to fall off your chair, you likely have a buildup.

This kind of residue is commonly caused by not using enough water to wash and rinse diapers clean (that was the culprit, I didn’t soak them first this week – more on this below). It can, however, also be caused by not using enough detergent.

How can I prevent it?

Always pre-wash your cloth diapers with cold water only. I use a 15 minute “rinse and spin” cycle on my HE washer. This agitates the urine (as well as any laundry detergent buildup) out of your diapers. Did you know that by skipping the pre-wash you are essentially washing your diapers in your baby’s own urine water? It’s not surprising why so many people have urine buildup issues!  After pre-washing, go ahead and wash your diapers in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer, and make sure you are using the correct amount AND type of laundry detergent! :)

How can I fix it?

Do a hot water wash (no laundry soda) with an extra rinse cycle, dry and repeat as often as 3 or more times. One trick I’ve learned over the years is to “soak” the diapers in my HE machine by starting a cycle and turning off the machine when they are super wet. Turning on the machine again will trick the machine into thinking there is a really big load of laundry (the extra weight/space used from the water) so it will send more water to do your load.  You need MORE water swishing around to rid the ammonia smell, doing multiple washes alone will not be enough.

Hope this helps anyone else in the same stinky boat as us! 😉 And if you are looking for another post on laundering cloth diapers, this is for you!

bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper (Review & Giveaway)

I was recently given the wonderful opportunity to formally review the bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper, and in doing so I am able to offer my readers the chance of winning one!

Let me start out by saying that this is a darn good diaper and anyone would be happy to use one!

So, what’s so great about the bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper, you ask? Well for starters, it is ORGANIC! That’s right folks – and we all know by now that organic cotton is healthier for our precious babies’ largest organ – their skin, of course, opposed to regular, run of the mill cotton! But that’s not all, aside from the ultra-absorbent (certified) organic cotton inner layer, it also has a reliable waterproof outer layer. That means no moisture wicking and no wet pants!

What I really like about AIOs (‘all in one’ diapers) is the convenience factor of having everything right there, without the need to stuff inserts or prefolds inside. It’s just one less thing to worry about, really. It’s the closest thing to using disposables as you can get! But with that said, I feel a little guilty throwing the entire diaper in the wash after a little pee because I know it’s taking up so much space and I’ll need to run more loads of laundry to get them all cleaned (not like my new favourite diaper, the bumGenius Flip!).  But, another plus is the double row of snaps that create a snug and trim fit, every time – without the nasty frizz of hook and loop closures!

Because it’s a one-size diaper, there are adjustable snaps that allow you to lengthen the rise as your baby grows. Ideal for babies 7-35lbs, this diaper can fit babies from birth to toilet training age!

And how can I go on with this review without mentioning the bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper looks very aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

The real downsides to this diaper (as is with most AIOs) are the lengthy drying times and price. At around $25-$30 per diaper, it is not something I see myself ‘stocking up’ on anytime soon. Not on this single income family budget, at least. And as far as dry times go, I like line hanging my cloth diapers but it takes a really, really long time for them to dry,even with their “fast dry” liner. So that leaves me throwing them in the dryer, which I personally really, really hate doing.

The bumGenius Elemental Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper is a pretty awesome diaper – if you can a) afford it and b) have lots of time to wash/dry your diapers.

All in all, I give this diaper 1.5 bum cheeks out of 2 bum cheeks!


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Open to US and Canadian residents over the age of 18.  Contest ends May 8th, 2011 at Midnight, EST. 1 winner will be picked randomly and announced on May 9th, 2011. Good luck! :)

Watch me “Flip” over my new diapers! 5

*This is not a paid endorsement. This is simply a personal review.*

Okay, so I had briefly mentioned a while back how our baby’s cloth diapers weren’t fitting very well around his thighs, therefore we had a huge problem with leaking. Now if you’re a breastfeeding mama, you will know that what I’m about to say is true.

His diet of 100% breast-milk makes some pretty impressive poops. Blowout poops, to be exact. You know the kind that work its way onto his thighs, over his “little boy parts” and up his back. I’m talking about full-on “chocolate pudding” body painting poops. Well after trying ALL our different cloth diapers on him, we finally have some progress! Scratch that, we don’t have progress – we have a solution!

I introduce to you, Flip Diapers by Cotton Babies (www.flipdiapers.com):

These puppies are One Size diapers with snaps. They have a unique “butterfly” closures that stretch to the utmost perfect position so the diaper doesn’t gap around your baby’s waist and thighs…thus, holding in poop-explosions and pee alike.

Whether you choose to use prefolds or the easy-peasy Flip inserts (in stay-dry or organic material), you will be thrilled! I really love how they don’t snap into the diaper cover like traditional inserts. Having them tucked under the front and back flaps help in removing them without dirtying my hands. I just pull out the insert by the tag and toss it in my wet bag.

I happen to LOVE the stay-dry inserts, and find myself using them more often than the organic inserts simply because they keep his bum TOTALLY dry.  I do think, however, that the organic ones are perfect for parents who want their little one’s skin touching organic material. I, for one, value organic material but in this case I prefer his bum to stay dry at all costs, so it really comes down to personal goals. When I say his skin is totally dry, I really mean it – disposables having NOTHING on these inserts!!

The cover is reusable if left unsoiled, which I absolutely love as well! Just give it a quick wipe after removing the insert and voila – it’s ready to be loaded up again (no pun intended)!  The best part is that by reusing the cover, I only go through 2-3 a day, and that means less laundry, less water consumption, less electricity, less work!

While you can purchase the covers separately ($19 ea) and the inserts ($6-$10 ea), buying in bulk with their “Day Pack” is a terrific money-saving option. A “Day Pack” consists of 2 covers and 6 inserts and retails for just $49.95 USD ($59.99 CND).  I suggest you buy 2 day packs and a couple extra inserts ($5-$8 each) to get you through a couple days before laundering. because they are one-size, you will spend on average  $120 – $140 to cloth diaper your little one from birth to toilet training! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

I give the Flip Diaper two bum cheeks out of two bum cheeks! And I HIGHLY recommend you give them a try if you’re in the market for a convenient, affordable and hip way to cloth diaper your little one!

What do you use?