Every year at Easter we put together a little scavenger hunt for our boys – but it’s a little different than most, since we really enforce the “no junk” rule.

"no junk" Easter Gifts for children

“no junk” Easter Gifts for children

While we make exceptions to what our kids eat, I’m just not a fan of bombarding them with tons of tiny “hardly real ingredients” chocolates. So the hubby and I started a fun little tradition years ago where we set up a treasure hunt of sorts, and the boys find little gifts left by the Easter Bunny on their way.

The Easter Bunny will of course bring 1 chocolate treat for each boy, but just one. Some of the “no junk” Easter Gifts for children the Easter Bunny likes to leave our kids include puzzles and art materials, but usually our kids each get one new Spring outfit, along with some other little goodies!  It’s a fun morning of surprises and our children know that the Easter Bunny only brings items they can use so we aren’t filling up the landfill with more useless “junk”.

Some great “no junk” Easter Gifts for children include:

  • Spring Outfit
  • Running Shoes
  • Rain Boots
  • Rain Coats
  • Sun Hat or Sunglasses
  • Bathing Suit
  • Art supplies
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Deck of Cards
  • Kite
  • Sand Toys
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Gardening kit

Aside from chocolates, what does the Easter Bunny bring to your house?

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I really enjoy making natural egg dye at Easter with my boys. Of course you might be thinking why make natural dyes when you can buy traditional dye at any store. Well, to keep it simple – I’ll just say we don’t “do” artificial colouring in our house and I’d much rather make my own than buy it! :p 

natural egg dye

DIY Natural Egg Dye

That’s right – since we don’t use artificial dye in our home, we reach for real ingredients to dye our eggs – like blueberries, spinach (pictured above -left), paprika (pictured above -right) and beets. Before we boil our eggs, we usually draw or print on them with a white crayon or sometimes we just leave them plain. Half the fun is decorating them before hand, so I’d encourage you to be creative. Then all you do is boil your favourite veggie, spice or tea in a pot of water, along with your eggs. Adding a tablespoon of white vinegar will help make the colour a little more vibrant, so go ahead and pour some in.

We use all 4 stove burners when we make our natural egg dye – one colour per pot and hang out until the eggs are fully cooked – about 12 minutes. You’ll know when you lift the egg up in the air with a slotted spoon and it dries fairly quickly. Well, that’s what I do, anyways. Either way, when they’re fully cooked we either call it a day or leave the eggs in small bowls inside the fridge for up to an hour with the dye, soaking up a bit more pigment.

Once the natural egg dye finishes doing its magic, simply blot the eggs dry and store them inside the fridge until they are thoroughly chilled. Then crack them open to eat during Easter brunch. Why not give it a try – it’s something different, fun & the best part – chemical-free!

DIY Natural Egg Dye: 

1. Draw on whole eggs with a white crayon (optional) 

2. In separate pots, add your water and vegetables, spices, teas, etc., along with your raw eggs.  

3. Add in a tbsp of white vinegar (optional) 

3. Boil your eggs & natural colourant (food) for about 12 minutes, or until eggs are fully cooked.

4. Allow the eggs to sit in a bowl of the natural dye for up to one hour in the fridge to become more vibrant (optional) OR blot dry the eggs and allow them to cool in the fridge until you are ready to eat them. 

5. Crack open to eat! Enjoy! 

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